Joy likes and not or                                                                                          Eat to eat for all                                                                                            Nettle field green                                                                                      Spider webbed monkey puzzle                                                                      A perfect lawn with brick battlements, five courses high                    Cordons of stout applewood beside artificial green netting                            Two cars placed carelessly and a purposeful man with a frosted plastic bag  of leeks stuck with pale clay soil.

The surface of the earth is dazzling this morning, like a layer of liquid  life. Clinging, hanging, equally repelled and attracted. Anode to cathode of  the intangible sky                                                                                          Pierced by a stellar stigmata bleeding light colour cold heat.

Three deep dark bream flex slowly in the half clear stream below this white  welded footbridge.

Life makes no sense, then it does.


The magnifying emotions of light. It passes unnoticed.Under this foggy canvas great washes of feeling are illuminated. Cold ink stained horizons make blue feel like glacier ice. Then from the outside, intense radiation bathes the whole visible world in warmth. With this concealing medium, space becomes light, light becomes space.

Sound helps to see, to extend senses beyond. In the open cathedral of the beech forest, the sensations of rain fill the canopy and with them space within an enormous volume, out of body.

The spider’s web is filled with fog. Mapped with jewels of dew. The crystal piste illuminated by a forest of stars.  A mountain range of light, an atmosphere caught in a pocket of silk.