Calm and Sunny

Calm and Sunny

Great tit see saw

Jackdaw caw caw

Mossy apples like mediterranean olives

Their sunlit trunks become the stone walls beyond

A tufted beige bee sample buzzes

the Pulmonaria, fading in the sun

and two lovebirds Columba palumbus canoodle in the corner bamboo.


April sanctuary

Freewheeling through icy downhill drizzle

Rivulets run left then right

A slow hill climb through banks of ramsons

to a ridgeway of hedges reclining to within an inch of their lives

Down again to brown water high and rushing

then up to sanctuary within the walls.

Sharp citrine cushions of Euphorbia

and Arisaema erecting canopies over grey freckled stems

A low carpet of green rises with fading chocolate hellebores and pinpoint periwinkle

Dark arms of jagged apples pucker lipstick buds in to life

And black capped jackdaws strutt and gather

bouncing ‘Tchack Tchack’

As a low fish pond meadow swells below