Pink foil outlasts the crumpled Chrysanthemums

On the corner of a red brick bridge

Fading like printed photos in the sun

Garage flowers, in crunchy cellophane

Blooming by the roadside

Shrunken balloons, scattered and slumped

Like the shell of a burnt out taxi

A box without sides

Leaking smoked memories

Like rainbows of oil


A periodic table of dark varnished wood

Holds racks of ridged brown bottles

Releasing time streams from cupboards of fume

and florets of sweeping cilia.

From the Islets of Langherhans

Flowing down the duodenum

to a Golgi apparatus apportioning constants

from Planck to Avogadro


Nucleic acid.



begins like Stevensons rocket

with bubbling tanks and valent ionics

The Medulla oblongata and Halogens

bonding noble gases to hydrogens

Bunsen burners leaking squeaky pops

dusting chalkboards and glassware

A relative atomic mess

on a periodic table top.