Like stepping in to a model of another town

Lights sparkle across the valley

No more real than how I feel

An alien here

A landed craft

Filling the quarry

Blue lights



Blinded by everything I know but don’t know

I might as well be in Jakarta

Or space

Tears for the future

Through parallax burnt biscuit browns

wash watercolour greys and greens

Atop the side window wobble


Marching backward

Pushing forward


Falling feather lights of yellow

A final flutter

Before they gather against borders.

Ushered in autumn motion

Toward the future


A shadow cutout

Wall of grey

All roads lead to the broad V

pressing the heavy horizon

Poplar pillars pin the vineyard plain

And embroider the foothill upholstery

The mountains welcome us in


On the bus journey from the airport

The darkness of an alien city

Like walking in a dream

desert of the familiar

Without anchor

Then the light

A hostelleria



Like a long evening

In the permalight

Of thirst

For hunger

More of less

to see me through, tide me over, pass the time

To transit


In to the sunshine

It’s that feeling again – clearer, brighter

As thoughts become sight

Tiger stripes of height

Strobe the avenue channels of light


Swirling chords and voice

rise through half autumn gold

Sparse dry greens



Sharp lines

cutting light

So real it’s unreal

In ever increasing circles