Moving mountains

Sounds from different sources

beaks, beats and sodden sweet straw

Sunshine smells

light miniscule motes

and strike the mountain massif

We thousands, washed in to this gulley

by common loves, fears, hopes

carried by this river, with the earth

taking time away.

Sharp pointed pine peaks

in blocks, where rocks

dissolve above the valley

We gather, to turn

share and laugh and learn

and dissolve

Do the mountains feel us?

drawn together like iron filings

I feel the mountains


Like grains of soil in the river


with the clouds.

Horizontal wind ruffles flags

to vertical bars of mackerel shadow.

The leaves of park oaks

ripple and hover

like a swarm of beesĀ around their queen.

Leaves of grass hang on from below,

The earth, the water, the life

pulled downward by the whole

Holding us thousands here

The scum on the surface

Standing, lying, running, throwing, listening, watching, eating, sharing