Puppet branches

Tea coloured sky

Screaming cat then silence

Seagull above, the first bird

Silence exists momentarily between constant punctuations

Distant bird song of new coloured sky

Clear trills from where trees meet their edges

Three delicate orators insistently mocked by single syllable seagull

Backdrop changing imperceptibly, various questioning trills gaining confidence and purpose

Deep red peony suddenly visible in front, tree outlines still black

Songs swirl through tiny throats,                                                                                   staccato beaks bending notes,                                                                                           from invisible coats

Seagulls sailing overhead toasting smaller sounds from inconspicuous creatures in conspicuous silhouettes which loom against bed sheet blue

Surrounded by greens and barely pinks, sounds have the regularity of daytime



Blurry edged window in the insistent morning grey

The soft ceiling yields to blinding contrast

Beyond beams penetrate thin cloud around

A heavenly collar of rays